5 Non-Romantic But Amazing Movies and Shows to Watch on Netflix This Valentine’s Day

5 Non-Romantic But Amazing Movies and Shows to Watch on Netflix This Valentine’s Day
February 8, 2017 Netflix & Craft

5 Non-Romantic But Amazing Movies and Shows to Watch on Netflix This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can really suck for a variety of reasons–but especially if you’re single. The inner cynic in me likes to think of it as an overly commercialized phenomenon that only exists within the human construct of capitalism. While this may be true, it doesn’t negate the fact that it has become a day of expressive love for significant others.

It can be difficult (and eye-rolling annoying) to see the couples around you announcing their deep love and unending appreciation for their boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife on Facebook. Posting statuses about their perfect night out together. Your co-worker getting a dozen red roses sent to the office (how cliché though am I right?). And, of course, you know there will be at least 10 engagement announcements flooding your newsfeed. All generous reminders that you are alone, ugh.

Well, screw that. Call up your single lady friends, or spend the night celebrating some quality alone time. Give yourself permission to Netflix binge and snack the night away! If wine is your thing–grab a bottle of that, too. Also, be sure to check out this single serving edible cookie dough recipe that I posted here.

Here’s 5 Non-Romantic But Amazing Movies and Shows to Watch on Netflix This Valentine’s Day

1. Zootopia

This movie is amazing on so many levels. From a strong female protagonist to the super catchy theme-song to its unique animal universe, this movie is packed with hilarious wit and completely loveable characters. Zootopia is about believing in yourself despite your inherent shortcomings, living life for YOU and no one else, finding compromises within friendships, and most of all never giving up on your dreams.

2. New Girl


If you’ve never seen this show, you seriously need to. Though this show does have topics of love in it–it’s not the hypo-romantic/mushy/ugly cry kind of love. It’s based in the hilarious reality of how difficult finding love (and even knowing what the heck we want) is. But more than celebrating the realism of love, this show is about the strong, unwavering friendships between the main characters who happen to be roommates. Each roommate is unapologetically themselves and is equally appreciated and cherished for their unique qualities.

The first season starts out introducing the completely quirky yet adorable and awkwardly hilarious Jessica Day (we are all Jess, btw). She has just discovered that her boyfriend has been cheating on her and breaks things off. She needs somewhere to live and stumbles across a loft currently being occupied by three dudes who are looking for a fourth roommate. They agree to invite her over for an interview. From this moment on, hilarity ensues.

Seriously, this is a MUST watch for singles on Valentine’s Day (especially those of us trying to navigate our way through early adult life and have found ourselves asking “WTF am I even doing?”). You are not alone.

3. Backstreet Boys: Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of

Alright, it’s time to channel your inner fangirl. Even if you were team ‘NSYNC, I’m willing to bet that you secretly loved the BSB behind closed doors. I mean, how could you not?! After exploding in the early 2000’s and becoming one of the most iconic boy bands in the history of music, the Backstreet Boys all got a little older, and (to many fangirls’ dismay) got married, and then seemingly retired from the music industry. But! in recent years, the BSB have made a comeback and instead of a “boy band” they are now being dubbed as a “man band”.

The documentary follows the group as they record their 2013 album, In A World Like This (stream it for free via YouTube here), and set out on their world tour. Aaaaall the feels come back with this one. Plus, like, man candy and stuff.

4. Bates Motel

This one is for my fellow lovers of all things creepy because it’s totally creepy and totally binge-worthy. There are four seasons on Netflix right now and, in my opinion, they get progressively better (though they are all good). Bates Motel is the prequel to the classic horror film, Psycho. It tells the story of how Norman Bates became to be the mentally unstable killer that he is in the Alfred Hitchcock film. The show is fascinatingly disturbing at times and makes you equal parts uncomfortable yet intrigued. If thriller dramas with creepy undertones are your thing–definitely check out this show.

5. E.T.

You can’t go wrong with a classic sci-fi adventure like E.T. I recently rewatched this movie after not seeing it since I was little and I was so happy I decided to do so. It’s so wonderfully magical with a true 80’s nostalgic vibe. The story of a little boy, Elliot, befriending a homesick alien who was accidentally left behind is so precious and touching, I actually cried near the end when E.T. is in failing health and Elliot is authentically devastated. Though it isn’t romantic love being expressed it is a love that is rooted in acceptance and human empathy. This is probably my favorite from the whole list, so if you choose just one–this is my recommendation … but of course I think you should watch them all!